Our blockchain will enable payment system platform that can accommodate all utilization of the GIGA-WATTS Coin in varied and diverse industries clients who’s will be buying our electricity at an instant 10% discounted to the wholesale market without having to sign the Power Purchasing Agreement in advanced in order to get a wholesale plus a10% discounted prices.

The SUPERGREEN ENERGY decentralized, distributed ledger is where all actors in any industry will be able to transact using the GIGA-WATTS coin. The coins are smart contracts which establish a binding relationship between transacting parties and provide a value for each transaction.

The ledger will provide an immutable and audit-able journal of all transactions related to purchase and sale of goods and services on the blockchain. With all parties to each transaction being able to see the same ledger entry, costs of reconciliation and potential issue of disputes and revenue leakage are controlled to a very large extent. This will standardize two industries:

  1. Energy Power Generation industry: how we generate power using the world’s first ever Self-Charging Super Renewable Energy platform with patents pending, will generates electricity up to 99% efficiency rating, which is currently unheard of in the traditional and renewable energy industry. Compare to rates of 40% and 20% for Wind Turbine and Solar respectively. Our Self-Charging Renewable Energy platform doesn’t need the wind to blow or the sun to shine to produce electricity and can run for 24/7, this is our greatest advantage over all other existing renewable technology on the market today, a powerful concept to integrate our technology to energy blockchain solution.
  2. The buyer of wholesale Electricity using our GIGA WATTS coin (GIGA) in order to get the 10% discounted to the wholesale market at any given time. This will enable standardization of discounted transaction within the GIGA coin ecosystem, ensure plenty of demand for the GIGA coin.

Renewable Energy Power Generation and cryptocurrencies that are yearning for technological innovation.

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