SUPERGREEN ENERGY is a producer of clean renewable electricity. As a result, Supergreen Energy Token (SGE) holders will enjoy a unique advantage to purchase power at significant discounts every month while supplies last. This will enable standardization of these discounted transactions within the Supergreen Energy Token Ecosystem ensuring steady growth for the (SGE) Tokens over time.

This standardization of discounted energy transactions cannot be matched by any other blockchains as they still have to purchase their electricity from outside retailers.

Our blockchain will enable a payment system platform that can accommodate the use of the Supergreen Energy Token in varied and diverse industries. Clients who purchase electricity from us using (SGE) tokens will receive a 10% discount on wholesale pricing without having to sign a Power Purchasing Agreement or a licensing agreement.

The SUPERGREEN ENERGY decentralized, the distributed ledger is where all players in any industry will be able to transact using the Supergreen Energy Token (SGE). The tokens are smart contracts which establish a binding relationship between the parties and provide a value for each transaction.

The ledger will provide an immutable and audit-able journal of all transactions related to the purchase and sale of goods and services on the blockchain. With all parties to each transaction being able to see the same ledger entry, including costs of reconciliation with full transparency, the potential issue for disputes and revenue leakage are controlled and minimized to a very large extent. The sectors of:

  • Renewable power integration into large corporations
  • EV production, deployment, and charging infrastructure
  • Cryptocurrency mining and acceptance

Stand to benefit greatly and immediately from this technology.  Not to mention the environmental benefits for the planet as a whole.



  • Supergreen Energy Token will be an Ethereum based smart contract initially. Upon completion of our blockchain development, the Ethereum Tokens will be swapped to the Supergreen Energy Token (SGE) that will interact seamlessly with our blockchain.
  • The total token offering is for Ten Billion tokens (10,000,000,000). This is a hard-capped limit for the crowd sale offering.
  • Our first 5 Power plants will launch capable of generating 200 MW of power every hour for each plant, or 1 GW of power for the 5 plants total.
  • Each 200 MW plant’s output equates to 4,800 MWh per day or 4,800,000 kWh per day. 1 megawatt is equivalent to 1000 kilowatts. Peak or off-peak usage could cause this average to deviate slightly. In 2016, the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,766-kilowatt hours (kWh). Broken down into an average of 897 kWh per month or around 30 kWh per day. With the minimum output of 4,800,000 kWh per day for a 200MW plant, each could support about 160,000 residential customers per day. All 5 plants’ output could support approximately 800,000 residential customers per day.
  • The annual output capacity of the 200MW plant is 1,752,000,000 kilowatts hour per year. Due to maintenance and general downtime for repairs to the plant, expected annual output capacity is estimated at 1,652,000,000 kilowatts hour per year realistically.




• Each Supergreen Energy Token(SGE) embodies a 10% discount to wholesale prices of electricity offered by our network partners.
• A typical Super Renewable Energy Platform plant depreciates to its salvage value over 10 years. Regular maintenance and upkeep will allow us to extend life beyond that.
• The price of 1 kilowatt for electricity is a very stable metric. Over the past 50 years, the global average retail price is approximately $0.15 USD per kilowatt, inflation adjusted.
• SUPERGREEN ENERGY will reserve 30% of the total authorize token in the company Treasury. These tokens will be part of the treasury tokens and will be placed in a “cryptographically-secured” escrow account, which will only be permitted to sell a certain amount of tokens per month. This leak-out provision should remove concerns that the company could suddenly flood the market with its tokens. Therefore, any future growth in SUPERGREEN ENERGY plant sites infrastructure throughout the world will always rely on the supply of the treasury coins being issued in this offering.
• Each year management will apply 35% of net profits towards a reinvestment strategy, to enable future development of additional plants. This will ensure longevity and scalability to SUPERGREEN ENERGY over a sustained period of time.
• SUPERGREEN ENERGY Insiders and Founders will be restricted from selling any coins until January 1st, 2019.
• Management, at its sole discretion, may decide to extend the ICO ending date to an uncertain end date.

Renewable Energy Power Generation and Tokenized Electricity that are yearning for technological innovation




Since the cost to generate power, once a plant is built, is so low, we will be the only company in the world that will be able to offer such massive discounts to anyone and (SGE) Token holders. It’s an all-WIN scenario, only possible due to the 99% efficiency rating for the Self-Charging Super Renewable Energy platforms. Investing in clean energy promises excellent returns socially and environmentally as well as economically. The only cost to a (SGE) Token holder is the cost of the token. So as value rises for the tokens in this closed-loop ecosystem, each token will actually be able to purchase more power, on top of the 10% discount already realized.

How does SUPERGREEN ENERGY Sustain Itself?

First and foremost, the startup costs for company-owned plants will be funded by initial token sales. Once built, the plants’ overhead is easily covered by cash flow resulting from the sale of electricity to our Tier 1 partners, as well as the open market.
Secondly, passive revenues will be generated through the licensing of our patent-pending technology. Several sectors will benefit greatly from licensing and will most likely be used for power plants, for EV charging stations and infrastructure build-out, as well as cryptocurrency mining and related networks.

Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake

In recent months, Ethereum has taken steps towards a Proof-of-Stake system that will be fully implemented sometime in the near future. At SUPERGREEN ENERGY, we fully support those steps and understand that more efficient systems are necessary for the sustainability of cryptocurrencies over the long term.

Yet, we also understand that Proof-of-Work systems will not likely be fully removed from cryptocurrency within the next decade. For this reason, additional precautionary steps must be taken to reduce the economic and environmental effects of the inefficiencies associated with current Proof-of-Work mining methods. It is our mission to be on the vanguard of these efforts.

Management and SGE Token Holder Interests aligned

Given that the SuperGreen Energy company own plants and the potential of licensing for hundred of GIGAWATTS of power plants to worldwide partners, the revenue generated from the Global Power Plants partners, Global Grids customers and Global Crypto-mining partners, will sustain its operations from revenue generated of the sale of the electricity, the energy we produced is almost free. This finite supply of almost free energy is being purchased by the token holder in this crowd sale. This will allow for future growth and expansion strategy. Therefore, increasing the overall demand for the SGE token. This will enable a market capitalization of SUPERGREEN ENERGY rival even the biggest global energy power generation company in the world.




May 15th, 2018

Pre-Sale Round Launch of the SUPERGREEN ENERGY Token (SGE)

September 15th, 2018

Closing the Pre-Sale Round

September 15th, 2018

SUPERGREEN ENERGY Initial Token Offering Live

December 15th, 2018

SUPERGREEN ENERGY Initial Token Offering Closing


Complete purchase of SUPERGREEN ENERGY plant sites with planning permissions & regulatory licenses:


– Initiate development of blockchain platform.

– Beta Testing SUPERGREEN ENERGY Token utility.


– Begin installation of Renewable Energy Plant – Complete Blockchain platform integration with SUPERGREEN ENERGY –Market trial and testing of SUPERGREEN ENERGY system with Blockchain integration.


– Marketing efforts to build community awareness of SUPERGREEN ENERGY Services.

– Develop and initiate relationships with key Grids operator

– Stress test or beta test blockchain platform prior to going live


Installation of SUPERGREEN Renewable Energy Plants complete and
facilities will be operational





7.5% Pre ICO – with Bonus 50%

2.5% Public Sale ICO – 2 months after Pre ICO With Bonus 25%

60% Allocation Break Down.  All Tokens with Restriction for 9 months from Pre ICO
– Founders = 10%
– Licensing = 40%
– Legal and Marketing = 10%

30% Reserved in Treasury Liquidity Pool
100% Total



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