SUPERGREEN ENERGY is the world’s first ever Self-Charging Super Renewable Energy platform with patents pending, will generates electricity up to 99% efficiency rating, which is currently unheard of in the renewable energy industry. Compare to rates of 40% and 20% for Wind Turbine and Solar respectively. Our Self-Charging Renewable Energy platform doesn’t need the wind to blow or the sun to shine to produce electricity and it can run 24/7, this is our greatest advantage over all other existing renewable technology on the market today, a powerful concept to integrate our technology to energy blockchain solution.

The concept is quite simple, licenses our Self-Charging Super Renewable Energy platform on site of the Tier 1 licensing partners, whether they are the Power Plants facility or the biggest Cryptocurrencies Mining company in the world, our platform will produces the electricity to Storages the energy to the Power Pack of 100MW, 200MW, 500MW, 1GW, 5GW, 10GW, ect.

1. We then sale 50% of the electricity we produce to that Tier 1 licensing partners for up to 80% discounted on the wholesale prices. If the partners choose to pay us by the GIGAWATTS coin (GIGA) then another 10% discounted automatically. Therefore the total saving will be up to 90% discounted, almost free for our tier 1 partners. (Please see the explain below how it possible for us to give so much discounted!!!)

Wind and solar PV’s total cost shown by the U.S. Energy Information Administration represents the average input value across all 22 electricity market regions in the US, as weighted by the respective capacity of that type installed during 2015 in each region to account for the substantial regional variation in wind and solar costs. The input value used for wind in 2017 was $1861/kW and for solar PV was $2388/kW, representing the cost of building a plant excluding regional factors. Region-specific factors contributing to the substantial regional variation in cost include differences in typical project size across regions, accessibility of resources, and variation in labor and other construction cost through the country.

Since the average cost will be $2000 / kW. This represent the cost to build a 100MW Power Plant will cost around $200 Million USD. Our Licensing Tier 1 partner will pay half of the cost which is $100 Million and we will pay the other half of $100 Million USD. We will be control and operate the power plants, our licensing partners enjoy the 90% discounted for the next 10 years of the 50% electricity that plant produce, in this case, the licensing partner will be buying 50MW of power at 90% discounted to the wholesale market, almost Free.

How fast for them to get the Return on their investment, here are the calculation:
50MW=50,000 KW x 24 hours=1,200,000 KWh / day x 365 days/ year = 438,000,000 KWh / year
438,000,000 KWh x .15 cent = $65,700,000 USD per year on revenue. The average retail price worldwide is .15 cent usd per kwh. As you can see, the ROI will be less than 2 years, this kind of return never heard of in the power generation business anywhere on the planet period!!!

2. The other 50% of the electricity we produce which is 50MW will be wholesale to the national grids or the open market.

3. If all our clients decided to pay us in our GIGA-WATTS COIN (GIGA) then they will get an additional 10% instant discounted, this will enable standardization of discounted transaction within the GIGA coin ecosystem, ensure plenty of demand for the GIGA coin.

The cost to produce the energy is minimal for us or ALMOST FREE. Therefore, the energy produced is unencumbered and freely available to sale to our licensing partners and wholesale to the national grids or to anyone for that matter.

Historically, the price of 1 kilowatt has been very stable for the past fifty years at approximately $0.15/kwh globally, inflation adjusted. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future in lieu of technological innovations. However, the wild card that no one has truly evaluated is the exponential acceptance of the blockchain worldwide leading to a massive spike in energy consumption by cryptocurrency mining that could drive the price of energy up globally. SUPERGREEN ENERGY has the unique opportunity to apply this finite lifetime supply of energy to its coin, namely, GIGA-WATTS coin for the 10% discounted model. The SUPERGREEN ENERGY coin symbol is (GIGA).


However, we can use any of the following Vendors to deploy our Self-Charging Super Renewable Energy Platform worldwide with their Energy Storage System: GE, TESLA, SIEMENS, PANASONIC, LG CHEM, AES, ESS Ect.

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