The GIGA-WATTS Coin will represent a 10% discounted to purchase the electricity from our Self-Charging Super Renewable power plant’s network partners. Since our electricity are almost free, we are the only one in the world will be able to offers our GIGA coin holders to purchase the electricity throughout our worldwide network at the wholesale prices plus 10% discounted on top of the wholesale prices if they choose to pay by our GIGA-WATTS coin (GIGA).

Investing in renewable energy promises excellent returns socially, environmentally and economically. GIGA-WATTS Coin is extremely unique in scope. The only cost to a coin holder is the cost of the coin. This means that a GIGA coin holder will be able to purchase more electricity as the GIGA coin may raise in value on top of the discounted by just simply using the GIGA coin to purchase the electricity from our worldwide network partners.

How does SUPERGREEN ENERGY Sustain Itself?

First, the concept of SUPERGREEN ENERGY relies upon our Self-Charging Super Renewable Energy platform with patent pending, will generates electricity up to 99% efficiency rating, which is currently unheard of in the renewable energy industry model. In this model we will paid for the Battery Storage System and use our Self-Charging Super Renewable Energy platform to charge the Battery Storage System then sale the electricity directly to our utility licensing tier 1 partners and the open market. The startup costs to this mechanism are funded by the coin sale, and the plant’s overhead is funded by cash flow generated from the sale of the electricity. This model is the company own the power plants. The return on investment will be less than 2 years.

Second, license our patents pending technology to power plant’s around the world, including the build out of the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station worldwide and the build out of cryptocurrencies mining pooling network worldwide. This in turn will provided us plenty of electricity supply everywhere throughout the world to sale to the local market. This will be another big demand for our GIGA coin ecosystem.

Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake

In recent months, Ethereum has taken steps towards a Proof of Stake system that will be fully implemented sometime in the following years. At SUPERGREEN ENERGY we fully support these steps and understand that more efficient systems are necessary for the sustainability of cryptocurrency in the long term. Yet, we also understand that Proof of Work will not likely be fully removed from cryptocurrency within the next decade. For this reason, additional precautionary steps must be taken to reduce the economic and environmental effects of the inefficiencies associated with Proof-of-Work mining, and our mission is to be on the vanguard of these efforts. The Proof of Stake mining operations or the national grid, given severe energy shortfalls already prevalent within the world.

Management and GIGA-WATTS Coin Holder Interests aligned

Given that the SuperGreen Energy company own plants and the potential of licensing for 1000’s of GIGA WATTS to worldwide partners, the revenue generate from the Global Power Plants partners, Global Grids customers and Global Crypto-mining partners, will sustain its operations from revenue generated of the sale of the electricity, the energy we produced is almost free. This lifetime supply of almost free energy is being purchased by the coin holder in this crowd sale.

This will allow for future growth and expansion strategy. Therefore, increasing the overall demand for the GIGA coin. This will enable a market capitalization of SUPERGREEN ENERGY rival even the biggest global energy power generation company.

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