Calvin Cao

From its inception in 2016, Mr. Cao has been the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Supergreen Energy Mr. Cao is a consummate innovator and inventor, holding 16 patents and patents pending all over the world (4 in the US; 5 in Europe; 1 in China; 1 in Japan; 1 in South Korea and 4 pending).

Mr. Cao is the inventor of the world’s first ever Self Charging Renewable Energy Platform that produces 100% clean, renewable and sustainable electricity utilizing innovative and industry-disruptive technologies. As the Founder/Chairman & CEO of Supergreen Energy, he is the driving force behind the strategy and commitment to make SuperGreen Energy a dominant global company.

Mr. Cao also was the founder of CZ Biomed Corp. a privately held Biotechnology Company and Stem Cell  Therapy International, a publicly traded company, which later merged with Histostem of South Korea.

Mr. Cao is a graduate of University of South Florida with degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Biomedical Engineering.   Mr. Cao has founded more than five companies, spanning the Biotech, High Tech and Investment markets.  Two out of the five companies have grown into publicly traded companies. Leveraging his experience, commitment and eye for talent and selecting partners.


Martin Messina-Nguyen

Mr. Messina-Nguyen is the General Counsel for Supergreen Energy Corp. His experience ranged from Silicon Valley to Washington DC. Mr. Messina-Nguyen started his career as an engineer with Cisco Systems, then ended with the Justice Department prior to joining Supergreen Energy Corp. During his time with the Justice Department, Mr. Messina-Nguyen’s practices focuses on appellate, and complex litigation. His appellate matters have addressed a wide range of subjects including civil procedure, federal criminal law, the First Amendment, jurisdiction and telecommunications. He has drafted merits briefs, amicus briefs, and certiorari-stage briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court and the Federal Courts of Appeals. He previously served as a law clerk to Judge Sidney Thomas, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Mr. Messina-Nguyen holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Stanford; MBA from Berkeley Haas Business School and Law Degree from University of Santa Clara.


John Vu


  • Juris Doctorate, Trinity Law School, December 2008
    • Admitted to The State Bar of California, December 2009
  • Certification, International Institute of Human Rights at Strasbourg, France, June 2006
  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, University of California at Irvine, June 2000
  • Direct Endorsement Underwriter for Federal Housing Authority, December, 2015 CHUMS #IA 35


California International Bank, N.A. (1/2017-present)
Advisory Director
SVP Corporate Counsel
Corporate Secretary
Marketing Chairperson
Business Development Officer

Pacific Bay Lending Group (11/15-12/2016)
Chief Legal Counsel
Head of Retail
Senior Direct Endorsement Underwriter, IA35, Inc. (1/12-10/15)
Corporate Counsel
Conventional Underwriter

Just Mortgage Inc. (7/10-12/11)
Corporate Counsel


Jacob Bach

Mr. Bach is a patent attorney who focuses on all aspect of intellectual property, licensing and business law. His extensive legal and business acumen was honed through litigation and general counsel experience for startups. Mr. Bach understands how to utilize a company’s patent portfolio to build value. More importantly, he views innovation as a wayto effect change on a large scale, but balances his   global thinking, with a practical approach and strategy to cross-licensing and monetization of patents.

Mr. Bach has worked at some of the largest and most respected law firms in the country prior to joining Supergreen Energy Corp. He holds a Juris Doctorate and Master in Biological Science from the University of Minnesota. He received his undergraduate degree at University of California Irvine.


Jon Clark

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Jon Clark was a co-founder Financial Statement Services, Inc. (FSSI) and remained at FSSI for over thirty years.  FSSI is a provider of outsourced print and mail services specializing in billing and statement work for Financial, Insurance, Utilities and Telecom industries. He directed the sales team at FSSI, developing annual sales in excess of fifty million dollars and helped to make it a corporation recognized throughout the industry for superior service and value. Along with sales, Mr. Clark also focused on strategic planning, marketing and major corporate relationships. Mr. Clark was instrumental in consulting with customers and educating them regarding the benefits of FSSI’s products and services and productive capabilities. Mr. Clark’s industry research; identifying emerging markets and industry trends, was key to building successful marketing strategies and high-level corporate relationships. Mr. Clark joined ABS in 2016 to offer exceptional sales expertise by interfacing directly with large enterprise companies and print service providers dependent on delivery of secure critical documents in order to operate their business. Mr. Clark has since joined SuperGreen Energy as the Vice President of Business Development and Customer Communications.


Javier Perez

Mr. Perez comes to us with over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in the global market. Training and developing new markets in a variety of verticals such as the biochem field, commercial development, and real estate, and the tech industry. With experience consulting at different levels of market research, product development, technology, and product incubation, market launch strategies, and increasing market share globally.

Mr. Perez has joined SuperGreen Energy with the focus to position the company as the leading solutions provider in the renewable energy industry, proper international positioning for a global launch and implementation of SuperGreen Energy projects immediately.


Everest Chu


Mr. Chu obtained his Bachelor’s Degree at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and start his entrepreneur path in Overseas Studies Consultancy, Immigration Consultancy, Real Estate Marketing (Internet Telephony) founder and Financial Consultancy.

Mr. Chu joined SuperGreen Energy as Business Development Director and focus on worldwide marketing strategy for the company.

Mr. Chu proved himself market the right products at the right time throughout his career successfully.


Izak Omer


Mechanical engineering, rotating equipment or machinery, the structural and electrical system as well as the control system in a way to comply with the output purpose design to make the operation and maintenance of any type of machine or equipment are in harmony with excellent performance and technical integrity and for the commercial objective.


  • Onshore & Offshore Drilling Technology Courses – 2002
  • Internal Auditing for Safety and Quality Management System Courses – 1993
  • Oil & Gas Industrial Risk Assessment Courses – 1993
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Technology Courses – 1992
  • Offshore Structural Technology Courses – 1992
  • Diploma for Marine & Mechanical Engineering – 1987

Design for the unit Coal Floating Power Plant (FCPP) as the first unit in the world – SEAPOWER INC. USA
Design for the unit Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Power Plant with capacity scale rated at 5 MW.
Build several FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Off-loading) for BHPP-Australia & PETROBRAS-Brazil under the Facility Operator MODEC INC. USA
Build FDPSO (Floating Drilling Production Storage & Offloading) as the first unit in the world for Murphy Oil Inc. under the Facility Operator PROSAFE LTD-Norway
Build the largest LNG Tanker Ship (Carrier)-Mitsubishi Shipyard Nagasaki Japan

Michael Peros

Michael Peros has 34 years of experience building contacts with clients to establish new business opportunities, improving and creating companies’ strategies, direction, projection, and implementation.

He invented and manufactured Tele Sentry Wiretap detect and defeat system which he sold to Sharper Image.

He has discovered over 130,000 illegal data taps and bugs – more then all sweep teams combined worldwide.

He has been a guest speaker at the DEFCON computer hacking convention in Las Vegas numerous times.

Michael is the founder of three companies and specializes in inventions, designing, engineering, installing and maintaining CYBER Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and DOE Department of Energy command and control security systems worldwide for corporate, manufacturing, retail facilities, automobile, trucks, marine, aircraft, and private homes. Integrated up to date knowledge of new security system technology and equipment. Arranged installations with other hardware and software national and international vendors.

His list of clients includes FEDERAL RESERVE BANK D.C., CEO APPLE, PayPal Mafia Silicon Valley, Sharper Image, Eastern Airlines, MacDill Air Force Base Central Command, Price Waterhouse, Merck Pharmaceutical, The Wailing Wall Jerusalem, Israel, Bright House Networks, Israeli Electric Corp, Swiss Bank Zurich, Korean Air Cargo, Trans World Airlines, New York Stock Exchange, Delta Airlines, Canadian Petroleum, Democratic National Convention (DNC) 2016, Republic National Convention (RNC) and Foreign Policy team 2016.

• Metropolitan State College, Mechanical Engineering
• Colorado University, Mechanical Engineering
• Hillsboro Community College, Mechanical Engineering
• Hebrew University Jerusalem, Cyber Counter-Terrorism, Biblical Studies
• University of South Florida, Mechanical Engineering
SANS Institute Mobile device ethical hacking and forensics

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